UAV technology helps State Grid Corporation carry out fine inspection of ADSS optical cable

Issuing time:2022-02-17 14:05

Recently, during the National Safety Production Month, the State Grid Juye County Power Supply Company applied UAV technology to carry out the refined inspection of ADSS power communication optical cables, to prevent the occurrence of public security and power grid security incidents caused by ADSS cable hidden dangers, and further improve the safe operation level of power communication network optical cables.

In order to improve the efficiency of power cable patrol inspection, the State Grid Juye County Power Supply Company formulated a special work plan for line patrol inspection, carefully studied the key points of ADSS cable safety inspection and photographic requirements, and determined the shooting angle and focus for the positions such as pole number, pole body, linear fittings, tension fittings, joint box, lead clip, and side channel of large and small sizes, and carried out hover photography. After the patrol inspection is completed, the photos will be exported, sorted out and named in a standardized manner. The ADSS optical cable line account will be improved and updated according to the photo content and the longitude and latitude information of the photos. According to the photos taken by UAV, sort out and verify the high risk section of ADSS optical cable line by line, and check the safety hazards of ADSS optical cable sag, electrical corrosion, hardware integrity and other aspects.

By using the UAV inspection technology, the average inspection time of 1 base tower is shortened by 5 minutes from 30 minutes less than that of the traditional pole inspection, which saves the workload of inspectors on and off the pole, reduces the labor intensity, avoids certain visual difference and shooting blind area, finds and treats hidden dangers in time, and greatly improves the inspection quality and efficiency.

Up to now, the State Grid Juye County Power Supply Company has completed the patrol inspection of 431 km, 2200 base 35 kV and above ADSS power communication optical cables under its jurisdiction, and formed a database of high-risk areas. All hidden dangers found have been rectified, and the rectification rate of optical cable hidden dangers has reached the majority. The company will further deepen the application of UAV optical cable patrol inspection, carry out the UAV inspection of power communication optical cable in a normalized manner, apply UAV to the acceptance of new and reconstructed optical cable lines, improve the operation and maintenance level, and provide strong technical support for the safe and reliable operation of Juye Power Grid.

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