State Grid Hebei Xintong Company carries out spring inspection

Issuing time:2022-02-17 14:01

In order to further refine the spring inspection measures, China Telecom set up a special supervision team to carry out internal spring inspection on-site supervision on a regular basis every week, and to carry out on-site surprise inspection in the information and communication equipment room under its jurisdiction on an irregular basis. They are also known as "fault finding team" by the big family for their principle of "no small hidden trouble, no soft fault finding".

The team developed the supervision idea of "check before talk", taking the information and communication room as an example, to check and verify the process and results of the charge and discharge test, and to check the appearance and electrical corrosion of the line and optical cable outdoor in terms of the equipment account, cable protection, work ticket implementation details, battery usage, equipment grounding, cable identification label, equipment dust screen and fan dust cleaning Implementation of measures such as fixing clamp of junction box and residual cable rack, "three-point grounding", OPGW optical cable downlead grounding, downlead steel pipe plugging, label identification, etc.

After the on-site supervision, the "fault-finding team" of China Telecom will also conduct in-depth communication with the on-site plant and station operation and maintenance personnel, learn all kinds of accident lessons, comprehensively investigate and timely identify and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards, and improve the safety awareness of the staff.

With the continuous deepening of the spring inspection, the "fault finding team" of ICT will further strengthen the supervision of the operation site, implement the on-site safety measures, strengthen the on-site supervision, firmly hold the lifeline of safe production, and ensure the high quality of the spring inspection.

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