How to protect optical cables during transportation and construction

Issuing time:2022-02-17 14:00

During the transportation and installation of optical cables, there are always some small problems. What can we do to avoid such small problems? Without considering the quality of the optical cable itself, I personally believe that the performance of the optical cable will not "actively deteriorate" if the following points are achieved:

1. The optical cable reel with optical cables shall be rolled according to the direction indicated on the side plate of the reel. The rolling distance shall not be too long, generally not more than 20 meters. When rolling, attention shall be paid to prevent obstacles from damaging the packaging plate.

2. When loading and unloading optical cables, lifting equipment such as forklift or special steps shall be used. It is strictly forbidden to roll or drop the optical cable reel directly from the vehicle.

3. It is strictly forbidden to lay the optical cable reel with optical cable horizontally or stacked, and the optical cable reel in the carriage shall be equipped with anti-wood blocks.

4. The optical cable should not be rewinded for many times to avoid the integrity of the internal structure of the optical cable. Before the laying of the optical cable, the appearance inspection, specification, model, quantity, test length, attenuation and other single disc inspection and acceptance should be carried out. Each disc of optical cable should be attached with the product factory inspection certificate on the guard board (it should be properly kept for future inquiry). When disassembling the optical cable guard board, be careful not to damage the optical cable.

5. During construction, the bending radius of the optical cable shall not be less than the construction regulations, and the optical cable shall not be excessively bent.

6. The laying of overhead optical cables shall be pulled by pulleys. The overhead optical cables shall not rub with buildings, trees and other facilities, and shall not damage the cable sheath by dragging the ground or rubbing with other sharp and hard objects. Protective measures shall be installed when necessary. It is strictly forbidden to pull the optical cable after jumping out of the pulley to prevent the cable from being flattened and damaged.

7. During the design of optical cable line, flammable objects shall be avoided as much as possible. If it is unavoidable, fire protection measures shall be taken for optical cable.

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