What are the problems related to the quality of optical fiber and cable?

Issuing time:2022-02-18 11:08

1、 Check the manufacturer's qualification and enterprise background. It mainly depends on whether there are large manufacturers and brands, whether they are committed to the R&D and production of optical cable products, whether there are many successful cases, whether they have ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO4OO1 international environmental system certification, whether they comply with the ROHS directive, and whether they have the certification of relevant domestic and international institutions.

2、 Check the product packaging. The standard reel length of the optical cable supply is generally 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km and the customized length specification. Positive and negative deviations are allowed. The deviation range can refer to the manufacturer's factory standard. Check whether the outer sheath of the optical cable has obvious signs such as the number of meters, the name of the factory and the type of optical cable. Generally speaking, the factory optical cable is wrapped on a solid wooden tray and protected by a wooden sealing plate. Both ends of the optical cable are sealed. The optical cable tray has the following marks: product name, specification, tray number, length, net/gross weight, date, A/B end mark, etc; Check the optical cable test record and fix it outside the wooden tray normally.

3、 Check the cable sheath. Generally, polyethylene, or flame retardant polyethylene, or low-smoke halogen-free materials are used for the sheath of indoor optical cables. The appearance of high-quality products is smooth and bright, and it feels good. It has good flexibility and is easy to peel. The surface finish of the fiber optic cable with poor quality is not good. When peeling off, the surface is easy to adhere to the inner sleeve and aramid fiber. Also, pay attention to the use of sponge instead of aramid fiber in some products. The PE sheath of outdoor optical cable shall be high-quality black polyethylene, and the outer skin shall be flat, bright, uniform in thickness and free of small bubbles after the cable is formed. Poor quality optical cable skin feels bad, the skin is not smooth, and some printing is easy to be erased. Due to raw materials, some optical cables have poor compactness and moisture is easy to penetrate

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