Optical cable line fault repair process

Issuing time:2022-02-18 11:08

1. The treatment of power cable fault is different for different types of line fault.

(1) In the same route, there are all-resistance faults that can be replaced by optical cable models. The operator on duty in the machine room should use other good fiber cores to block the business on the optical fiber according to the emergency plan at the earlier time, and then repair the faulty optical fiber as soon as possible.

(2) If there is no full-resistance fault that can be replaced by optical fiber, the emergency plan shall be followed to implement the replacement or direct repair of obstacle points. The principle of "first important circuit, then secondary circuit" shall be followed during the replacement or repair.

(3) The optical cable is not completely blocked, and there are remaining optical fibers available. Use the spare fiber core or other optical cables with the same route to replace the service on the faulty fiber core. If there are many faulty fiber cores, there are not enough spare fiber cores, and there are no other optical cables with the same route, the secondary circuit can be sacrificed to replace the important circuit, and then the faulty fiber core can be repaired without interrupting the circuit.

(4) The optical cable is not completely blocked, and there is no remaining optical cable or optical cable in the same route. If the blocked optical fiber opens an important circuit, use other non-important circuit optical fiber to replace the blocked optical fiber, and use the method of uninterrupted cutting to repair the faulty fiber core.

(5) The transmission quality is unstable, and the system is good and bad. If there are spare fiber cores or other optical cables with the same route that can be replaced, the services on this optical fiber can be transferred to other optical fibers. Find out the cause of transmission quality degradation and deal with it pertinently.

2. Fault location

If it is determined that the fault is the optical cable line, quickly determine which relay section the fault occurs in and the specific situation of the fault, and ask the network management room in detail. Immediately notify the relevant line maintenance unit to determine the fault point according to the judgment result

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