Analysis of the development trend of future communication optical cable technology

Issuing time:2022-02-18 10:55

1. Adhere to technological innovation. In order to achieve long-term development of communication optical cable technology, it is necessary to adhere to the reform and innovation of technology. In the process of developing new communication optical cable technology to replace the original technology, the maintenance of technology needs to constantly develop new sensor and remote control technology. As for inflatable maintenance technology, it is not suitable to use filled optical cable in the specific maintenance process. At the same time, we should pay attention to realizing the automatic conversion of communication in the process of the alternation between the new and the old communication optical cable technology, and should not affect the communication quality of users because of the update of the communication optical cable technology.

2. Improve the reliability of optical cable system

Although the current signal band based on communication optical cable has large bandwidth and uniform signal density distribution, the technical application of communication optical cable system can basically meet the communication needs of users. However, in practical applications, there will still be communication instability. Improving the stability of optical cable system should be an important problem to be solved in the next stage of optical cable technology, and also the main development trend of communication optical cable technology in the future.

3. Strengthen the research and development of new products

The current network user base in China is large and increasing every year. Different users have different ways to construct the optical cable and the resident network in the area where they are located. This puts forward the requirements for changing the optical cable technology. The personalization and heterogeneity of people's demand for the use of optical cable provides an opportunity for the innovation and development of the optical cable structure design, The design of optical cable structure has increasingly emphasized the consideration of environment and installation. At the same time, in the future design and construction work, continuous personalized improvement will be carried out according to the actual situation of users to ensure that the optical cable has high practicability in any space and region.

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