The power supply company of the State Grid in many places throughout the country has carried out spe

Issuing time:2022-02-18 10:55

Several provinces and cities in China have experienced heavy rain weather. According to State Grid Corporation, power supply companies in Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian, Hebei, Gansu and other places have substations and communication lines affected. In order to solve the power and communication problems as soon as possible, all power supply companies have carried out special flood control patrols in an orderly manner.

In view of the recent weather conditions, the State Grid Rao Xinzhou District Power Supply Company made a careful deployment to formulate a flood control and electricity protection plan in advance and clarify the flood control responsibilities of all departments and units. At the same time, carry out flood control self-inspection work, carry out "carpet type" net inspection on power lines, electric irrigation pump stations, drainage special transformers, line corridor protective passages, etc., reinforce the towers and foundations in waterlogging and disaster-prone areas, eliminate power outages caused by power supply equipment line failures, and eliminate hidden dangers in time to ensure safe and reliable power supply in flood season.

According to the requirements of the flood control emergency plan, the State Grid Xiangjiang New Area Power Supply Company immediately dispatched more than 60 staff at relevant posts to carry out special patrol and special protection on the flood control line under the condition of ensuring safety, eliminate hidden dangers and ensure normal power supply; For flood control points without lighting, immediately set up lines to provide more than 100 flood control emergency lights, and assist relevant departments in flood control and rescue work; For areas that may be flooded by rain, power off in advance to prevent electric shock hazard. At the same time, according to the actual work, the flood control materials and equipment should be deployed to improve the efficiency of on-site repair.

In order to actively cope with the heavy rainfall, the State Grid Yanshan County Power Supply Company insisted on making the best of the situation as soon as possible, formulating the flood control work plan in advance, carrying out the pre-flood inspection strictly, organizing the operation and maintenance personnel to carry out the comprehensive hidden danger inspection of the electric pole equipment in the low-lying areas such as the river course and the ditch side, clearing and dredging the flood control ditch, drainage ditch and drainage facilities of the substation, and taking preventive measures for the dangerous parts where accidents may occur, Ensure that the flood control and power supply are safe; At the same time, the local meteorological department shall be actively contacted to improve the emergency response plan for severe weather, strengthen the emergency duty management, do a good job in the spare parts storage, and ensure that the hidden dangers can be rushed to the site in advance to eliminate the safety hazards of equipment and lines at a fast speed, so as to make every effort to ensure that the power grid can pass the flood smoothly.

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